IndiaThe people will stand with those who bring food; Muraleedharan indirectly...

The people will stand with those who bring food; Muraleedharan indirectly praised the government


  • Congress needs a change in working style
  • People do not pay attention to controversies
  • Care should be taken in deciding the candidates

Thiruvananthapuram: Congress leader K Muraleedharan said that the food kit distributed by the state government in the Covid 19 situation was the reason for the victory of the LDF in the assembly elections. Muraleedharan’s response was that people would stand with those who deliver food. Muraleedharan demanded that the people not pay attention to the controversies and that the Congress should be overthrown.

Muraleedharan said people stood with those who brought food in front of the hungry during the lockdown. At this time people will not think about who smuggled the gold or cut down the tree. Muraleedharan said the same would be true of those who provide mobile phones for online study and that there should be a radical change in the working style of the Congress.

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Muraleedharan said that in Kerala, the Congress has to create neighbors before creating neighborhoods. The working style of the party should be demolished. He explained that success can only be achieved by working at the grassroots level and that change does not come from one person replacing another.

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Muraleedharan said that no community organization in Kerala except the NSS wanted a change of government. Last time all the communities were represented in the government but no one was present when the votes were counted. Muraleedharan said he would get applause if he was told not to visit community leaders, but did not get votes. At the same time, Muraleedharan said that the only criterion in deciding a candidate should be popular opinion.

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