The people here consider the tiger as the form of God, worshiping...

The people here consider the tiger as the form of God, worshiping them fulfills the vow of every tribal.

Tribals consider tiger as god

On hearing the name of the tiger, there is a feeling of fear in everyone’s mind. And if you encounter him, then understand that it is difficult to save your life. But, there is such a place where people are not afraid of tiger at all. You must be thinking that how can this happen. But, this is absolutely true, there is a special reason for these people not to be afraid of tigers. It is that the people here consider the tiger as a form of God and offer special worship to him.

In Nashik, Maharashtra, people of the tribal community have been worshiping the tiger as their deity. The people here worship the tiger as a god. Not only this, a statue of a tiger has been established here by making a temple. In fact, people of the tribal community living in Igatpuri area of ​​Nashik district have worshiped a tiger family as God for decades. So that they can be protected from the tigers living in the nearby forest. So that they do not attack humans or farm animals.

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Giving information on this matter, a tribal youth said that there has been a temple of tigers on the hill station for decades. “The idols of the temple include a tiger and a cub. The tribal people traditionally worship tigers. A fair is also held here once a year. They are worshiped on every Teej festival.

Another tribal Yukak said that we worship Waghoba to protect ourselves and our family. I have encountered tigers on about 10 occasions in my life. But he did me no harm because I worship him.