The owner had closed the door of the house, so the dog...

The owner had closed the door of the house, so the dog vented his anger by jumping in the air – Watch Video

We all love dogs and dogs are very intelligent animals, so we keep them in our house. While living in the house, dogs start understanding everything about us just like us. They are hurt by our sorrow and they become happy with our happiness. Even if we get angry with them, they cannot tolerate it. A similar video is going viral on social media, in which a dog has become angry with its owner. After which he expresses his anger. This video is now going viral on social media. This video is also very funny to watch.

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This video going viral has been posted on YouTube by Viral Hog. In the video you can see that a dog is visible outside the house and the door of the house is locked from inside. The dog standing outside looks very upset to come inside the house. At first he barks for a while, but when no one hears his voice, he gets angry and starts jumping in the air in anger. You can see how the dog is soaring high in the air. You have hardly ever seen a dog jumping in the air like this.

People are very much liking this video. People are also commenting a lot on this video. This video has been viewed about 9 thousand times on YouTube so far. One user commented and wrote – Open this door soon or else I will break it. Another user wrote – Can anyone see me.


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