WorldThe oracle asks for respect for the diversity of thought in Cuba

The oracle asks for respect for the diversity of thought in Cuba

The priests of Cuban Santeria meet to dictate their oracle for the new year 2022.

Dressed in white and to the beat of drums they predict a year of hope, although they also foresee a danger of conspiracy, violence in relationships, disease and risks from crowds.

They also ask for “respect for the diversity” of thought to “achieve a harmonious coexistence” on the island, although without referring to the historic protests on July 11 that left one dead, dozens injured and more than 1,300 detained. The country is experiencing its worst economic crisis in almost 30 years with severe food and medicine shortages.

A very worrying “cold grave” …

Victor Betancourt, babalao, member of the Charter of the Year Commission does not see a catastrophe as such, but he does see an increase in deaths. See the “cold grave” sign as worrisome …

Santeria, which mixes Catholicism with the traditional African Yoruba faith, is followed by many people in Cuba, where almost a third of the 11.2 million inhabitants are Afro-descendant.

Obatalá will rule in 2022

The year 2022 will be governed by the orisha Obatalá, creator of the Earth and thoughts, who in cultural syncretization is identified with the Virgin of Las Mercedes.

The babalaos, or priests of the Lukumí religion write the “predictions of Ifá” in a newsletter known as the “Letter of the Year”, a tradition with almost 200 years in Cuba.