WorldThe number of nuclear weapons worldwide decreased, military stockpiles increased

The number of nuclear weapons worldwide decreased, military stockpiles increased

According to the Japanese news agency Kyodo, Nagasaki University Nuclear Weapons Abolition Research Center reported that in this year’s nuclear armament report, the number of nuclear warheads worldwide decreased by 280 to 13,130.

According to the report, which mentioned that the decrease is not due to the slowdown of the nuclear arms race, but to the increase in the number of discarded old warheads due to ammunition modernization, the number of operational warheads of 9 countries with nuclear weapons has increased.

The number of operational warheads in army inventories increased from 9,346 to 9,615.

Russia took the first place with 6,260 warheads, while the USA took the second place with 5,550 warheads, and China took the third place with 350 warheads. These three countries were followed by France with 290 titles, England with 225 titles, Pakistan with 165 titles, India with 160 titles, Israel with 90 titles and North Korea with 40 titles.

In the last year, China and the UK have acquired 30 new nuclear warheads, Pakistan, India and North Korea 10 each.

Pointing out that the USA and Russia still have 86 percent of the total nuclear weapons stock, the report said, “While the arms race between the USA and Russia continues, tripartite conflicts and tensions, to which China is also a party, emerge.” statements were included.

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