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The number of flood victims in two states of India rises to 85

The death toll from flooding caused by heavy rains in two states in the north and south of India has risen to 85.

According to the Indian media, the Indian states of Uttarakhand in the north and Kerala in the south of the country have suffered as a result of the rampant disaster. In these two states, there are casualties, property damage, nothing is known about the fate of a large number of people.

Head of the Department for Combating Natural Disasters Uttarakhanda S.A. Murugeshan said the number of flood victims caused by heavy rains in the state has risen to 46.

According to him, the rescue teams carried out search and rescue operations in the buildings destroyed by the floods during the night.

Evacuation to safe areas continues in flood-affected areas, 11 people are being searched for, Murugeshan said.

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) reported that precipitation is expected to decrease in Uttarakhand state on October 20, but precipitation may increase in the northeastern and southern parts of the country.

A difficult situation due to heavy rainfall is also observed in the state of Kerala in southern India.

The state officials said the death toll from the natural disaster and accidents caused by incessant rains in recent days has risen to 39.

The search continues for 6 missing persons.

More than 10 thousand residents of the state were evacuated to safe areas, agricultural lands were flooded.

The state’s weather services have warned that the rains will continue.

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