India'The number of camps can be increased if necessary'; CM urges...

‘The number of camps can be increased if necessary’; CM urges Kovid to abide by norms

Thiruvananthapuram: The Chief Minister said that the camps started in the problem areas in the situation of rains should work according to the Covid-19 norms. Relief camps have been set up in the affected areas in the wake of the monsoon. The CM said in a Facebook post that those concerned should ensure that these camps function in accordance with the Covid norms. Those in the camps should be prepared to maintain the required physical distance and wear masks. In camps, people are not allowed to interact in groups. It is important to determine how many people a camp can accommodate. The CM said that the number of camps could be increased if more people had to be accommodated and the collectors have been directed. On Saturday, the Chief Minister had said that steps would be taken to evacuate people from areas prone to landslides, floods and landslides. The high level meeting convened by the Chief Minister has made it clear that all the arrangements of the government will be made for this. During the meeting, the Chief Minister directed that steps be taken to evacuate people from all areas where heavy rains continue. The meeting evaluated the progress of rescue operations. The CM said that the situation was serious. Every possible means will be used to rescue those trapped in the rain-hit areas, including Kottayam district. The meeting said the latest weather forecast was a source of relief. The prophecy indicates that we are not going to get worse. Camps must be started to meet Covid standards. Special care should be taken in this regard. The number of camps can be increased. Masks and sanitizers should be ensured in the camps. Special arrangements should be made for cleaning toilets. Adequate fresh water should be made available. The attention of health workers should be focused on the camps. There should be enough medication. Particular caution should be exercised in the case of non-vaccinated and associated patients. The coastal region should be warned from time to time. Care should be taken to evacuate people from disaster prone areas. The National Disaster Response Force is currently providing good assistance. The CM said those in need should contact them. The Army, Navy and Air Force have been instrumental in helping the state in times of disaster. They should all be used in unison. Boats and boats required for rescue operations should be prepared. Local Governments should prepare a list of boats and boats available to them. These should be used promptly when needed. S.D.R. Districts should take necessary steps for utilization of F funds. The CM suggested that the water level monitoring of the dams should be strengthened. Those who are about to change should be warned. Don’t be in a position to change quickly. It is important to be informed in advance. The District Collector, the Electricity Department and the Water Resources Department should work together in this regard. Care should be taken not to cause problems in the power supply. A red alert has been declared in Palakkad district as well. Precautions should be strengthened there. The CM had also directed the fire force to hire motor pumps if needed to drain the water.