SportsThe mountain and the words

The mountain and the words

Legend has it that the first person who dared to climb Nanga Parbat did not do well, but neither did everything bad that could have gone. The mountain was not amused that someone tried to climb it and decided to send it a storm. When he had him cornered against some rocks and was about to give him the graceful touch, he realized how small and insignificant it was. He decided that one finger of his hand would have enough. “Come back here whenever you want. When I have your other four fingers I will be able to make a real hand, “he snapped as he heard the mountaineer scream.


Do mountains hold memories? That is the question that the protagonists of Nanga Parbat (Desnivel), a novel by David Torres that is set on the mythical mountain of the Karakorum mountain range. At 8,125 meters of altitude – it is the ninth highest peak on the planet – it is known as The Naked Mountain. Also like The Killer Mountain, for the dozens of lives it has claimed. But a mountain is not measured in meters or dead. At least not alone. The strength and magnetism of the mountains transform the people who try to conquer them. Torres intertwines personal stories with the ascent. To narrate it, it was documented with real experiences in Nanga Parbat.

A different approach to the world of mountaineering, which seeks to explain its whys. “Because it is not a physical place, it is not ice and stone, it is not just sky and clouds, but something… Nanga Parbat. It all started with a few words. If you think about it, any mountain begins as a few words, a longing materialized in a few sounds coded in a remote language and a name traced on a map. And when you return from it (if you do return, if you don’t stay there forever), the mountain will once again be a name, a few words, the smuggling of a few memories ”.

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