WorldThe mother absconded with the boyfriend, the daughter got married to the...

The mother absconded with the boyfriend, the daughter got married to the boy’s father, said – she does not want ..


  • Mother absconding with pregnant daughter’s lover in UK
  • Daughter also married with lover’s father
  • Daughter is angry with mother, said – she left me alone with the child

A strange case has come to the fore regarding relations in Britain. A Gloucestershire woman marries her father after her mother absconded with her boyfriend. When people raised the question, she replied that she did not want to see her boyfriend’s father sad. He is ready to do anything to make them happy.

Woman told – why married to boyfriend’s father
This woman said on the social media platform Tiktok that my boyfriend’s mother had died. Because, I did not want his father to be sad, so I decided to marry his father. With this my boyfriend has found a mother again. Many people also praised this woman on Tiktok, there were many who were surprised by this decision.

Mother had run away with boyfriend
It was later revealed that 24-year-old pregnant Jess Aldridge’s boyfriend Ryan Shelton had run away from home with her mother. After which Jess married Ryan’s father in Gloucestershire. Ryan Shelton had been living in the same house in Gloucestershire for a long time with his girlfriend Jess’s mother Georgina and his father Eric due to the Corona Pandemic. Jess already suspected some affair between her mother and boyfriend.

Mother said – we can not decide love
Nine months later, when Jess returned from the hospital to give birth to her child, her mother had run away with Ryan. Jess’ mother tells her that we can’t decide who we love. Jess said I’m still annoyed that they think they can just run away together and leave me to take care of two young kids. I can’t believe that mom still hasn’t bothered to say sorry.


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