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The model will make all her property in the name of the dog, will become the heir of Rs 15 crore

Dogs are the most beloved of people as any pet. A Playboy model has declared her dog as her heir. The model says that after she dies, her entire property, which is worth $ 2 million i.e. 15 crores, will be in the name of her dog. The model has no children. Model Ju Isen is consulting lawyers to prepare a will in which she will hand over all of her property to her dog Francisco.

The model dog will be the owner of their house and cars. Isain says that when she is not there, this money will bring convenience to the lives of the dog and its caretakers. According to the Daily Star report, he said, ‘I have done a lot of work and now I feel that the time has come to think about the future too.’ Isain often shares her pictures with Francisco on Instagram.
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dog travels in private jet
The dog is often seen traveling in a private jet with the model and dressed in stylish clothes. The model said that this is not the time for her to have children. Isain has already made headlines before. He revealed in January that he had spent £219,000 on plastic surgery to get a ‘facelift’.

50 times plastic surgery
She said that she went through about 50 plastic surgeries after which she got used to the surgery. The model had said that she wanted to erase her past completely. She could not recognize herself in the mirror and said, ‘Now I have become a completely new woman.’


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