IndiaThe minimum salary in KSRTC is Rs 23,000 and the maximum is...

The minimum salary in KSRTC is Rs 23,000 and the maximum is Rs 105,300; The new pay rates are as follows


  • New pay revision agreement signed at KSRTC.
  • The minimum salary is Rs 23,000.
  • Benefits will be available from January salary.

Thiruvananthapuram: A new salary revision agreement has been signed in KSRTC. From now on, the minimum salary for KSRTC employees will be Rs 23,000. Benefits will be available from January salary. The pay revision to be implemented in 2016 is being implemented now.

After a gap of 11 years, KSRTC has signed a pay agreement to increase the benefits of its employees. The agreement was signed by KSRTC MD Shri Biju Prabhakar with IAS and three employees’ union representatives.

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In addition to the existing maternity leave, all women employees are entitled to one year of unpaid leave. 5000 will be paid during this period. Another feature is that promotions will be allowed on a phased basis for all categories of employees.

New decisions in KSRTC

KSRTC signs salary agreement
Benefits will be available from January salary.

After a gap of 11 years, KSRTC signed a pay agreement to increase the benefits of its employees within the announced date. The agreement was signed by KSRTC CMD Shri Biju Prabhakar with IAS and three employees’ union representatives.

The agreement regarding the existing service and pay conditions and other benefits of the permanent employees of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation has come into force with effect from 01-3-2011 with effect from 01-3-2011 and expires on 28-2-2016.

Discussions were held with the recognized trade unions at the ministerial level and at the level of the Chairman and Managing Director on the implementation of the pay reform. In the discussion held with the management and the representatives of the recognized trade unions on 09-12-2021, it was decided to revise the service and salary contract of KSRTC employees as mentioned below. The process of signing the ‘Service-Wage Agreement – 2021’ prepared on the basis of this took place today.

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2 Master Scale 11th Pay Commission Scale as in Government
23000 – 700 (7) – 27900 – 800 (4) – 31100 – 900 ( – 38300 – 1000 (4) – 42300 – 1100 (5) – 47800 – 1200 (4) – 52600 – 1300 (3) – 56500 – 1400 (3) – 60700 – 1500 (3) – 65200 – 1600 (3) – 70000 – 1800 (5) – 79000 – 2000 (5) – 89000 – 2200 (4) – 97800 – 2500 (3) – 105300.

3 Merger DA- 137% with current base salary.
4 Housing Allowance – A minimum monthly rental allowance of Rs. 1,200 (one thousand two hundred) and a maximum of Rs.
5 Fitment 10% as fixed in Government.
6 DCRG will be increased from the current 7 lakhs to 10 lakhs.
7 CVP (commutation) – 20% of current will remain.
8 Effective Date – Five (5) years from 01-6-2021.
9 The financial benefit of the proposed pay revision from 01-1-2022 will be the date on which the financial benefit is allowed. (With salary due in February 2022).

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Additional allowance of Rs.50 / – per month for 10 drivers on duty and Rs.100 / – for each duty of more than 20 drivers will be given as additional allowance along with salary.
11 Child Care Allowance / Vacation Employees will be entitled to one year of maternity leave (LWA) in addition to the existing maternity leave (180 days). This leave period will be considered for promotions, increments and pensions. A child care allowance of Rs. 5,000 / – (Five Thousand) per month will be given to those who avail this leave.

12 Promotion – All categories of employees will be promoted in stages on the basis of vacancies.

13 Holidays – General Holidays in a year – will be fixed at a total of fifteen (15) including four (4) National Holidays and Eleven (11) State Holidays. In addition, the restricted leave (RH) per employee will be increased to four (4) and the number of local leave will be fixed at one (1).

With the participation of 14 Welfare Fund employees, KSRTC The Employees Welfare Fund Trust will be formed. The Trust shall consist of the Chairman and Managing Director, the Financial Adviser and the Chief Accounts Officer, each nominated by the Government from the Department of Transport and the Department of Finance, and each representative of the recognized trade unions. The chairman of the trust is KSRTC. The Chairman and Managing Director and the Treasurer will be the Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts Officer.
The monthly contribution will be deducted from the salaries of the employees as given below to the said trust.
All Division Higher Division Officers –
300 / – per month.
All categories of Supervisory Employees –
200 / – per month.
All other categories of employees –
100 / – per month.

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In addition to the capital invested by the Corporation into the Welfare Fund, an amount of `3 (3) crore will be invested in the T Trust as an annual fund. Employees who do not receive financial benefit from the T fund will be reimbursed half of the total amount paid interest free in case of retirement or death.

15 Furlough leave system will be implemented.- Conductor and mechanical section employees above 45 years of age will be given leave for one to 5 years with 50% pay.

16 Special Rules – will create a new cadre of driver-cum-conductor. The existing administration will be divided into two sections, Administration and Accounts. The mechanical section will be reorganized. The special rule provisions of the above three (3) categories of employees will be finalized in consultation with the recognized trade unions.

17 Dependent Assignment – The posts of Pump Operator, Driver and Driver-cum-Conductor will be filled in a phased manner as and when required. Other posts will also be considered for phased appointment as required.

18 Empaneled Employees – A three-member staff committee will be tasked to study the problems of empaneled employees and suggest solutions.

19 Pension Reform – Issues including the pension reform of pensioners will be examined in a timely manner in consultation with the Department of Finance and the Department of Co-operation and will be part of the agreement with the recognized trade unions.

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The minimum number of duties required per year is 20. Employees who do not perform 190 physical duties per year cannot be offered further promotions and increments. This also applies to the calculation of pension. However, for those suffering from serious illnesses such as cancer treatment, kidney transplant surgery, liver transplantation, dialysis and heart surgery, those who have been bedridden due to accidents, parents, spouses, children and siblings who are on leave due to death, the rank of Medical Surgeon should be reduced to Medical. Concession will be given on condition that those who produce the certificate and those who are allowed by the stand-by duty unit authorities.

Medical certificates produced by the employees can be obtained from KSRTC for further examination if required. The final decision in the matter will be taken by the management by submitting it to the Medical Board which will be constituted or to the Medical Board of the Government.

21 Service Operation – Driver-cum-conductors will be deployed in stages for long distance services of more than 8 consecutive hours. Crew change will be implemented on inter-state services such as Bangalore services over 500 km with a suitable terminal.

Cost reduction of 22 operating centers – Reduce the cost of operating centers. The Operating / T&C Division will utilize staff to maintain and reorganize the operating centers to maintain existing services. Staff will be deployed from the parent unit via mobile van to carry out daily maintenance of the buses.

23 Reservation Counter: –
Reservation counters of KSRTC will be available only at Major Depots. Direct Ticket Selling Agents will be appointed on commission basis as part of revenue generation.

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24 Stay Services: –
The maximum number of ordinary / fast buses will be increased to stay buses as part of reducing the cost of the dead trip. Driver and conductor staff will be given an allowance of Rs 2.50 per km to reach the bus stand. However, if the distance is more than 50 km, the amount of stay allowance will be decided from time to time in consultation with the recognized trade unions.

Rehabilitation of 25 Dismissed Employees – KSRTC has hired experienced employees who have left KSRTC for body building, repair of light motor vehicles, spare parts parts shop and other ventures. The plan will be prepared for rehabilitation through a non-participating specialized labor society.

26 Posthumous Expenditure- In case of death of an employee / employee due to accident while on duty, the posthumous expenses will be increased from the present Rs.10,000 / – (ten thousand) to Rs.50,000 / – (fifty thousand). 2,000 / – (two thousand) for posthumous death will be increased to Rs. 5,000 / – (five thousand) for death other than due process. Both are not considered liability.

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