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The military police of the Russian Federation entered the district besieged by the Assad regime in southern Syria

The military police of the Russian Federation, together with a military delegation on security issues, conducting negotiations on behalf of the Assad regime, entered the Deraa al-Balad quarter.

This was reported by the Anadolu agency with reference to local sources.

Amid the entry into force of a three-day ceasefire agreement, the forces of the Assad regime suspended attacks on populated areas, and Russian military police entered the besieged quarter.

– Armistice agreement mediated by Russia

Last night, the Reconciliation Center (Deraa Central Committee) reached an agreement on a three-day ceasefire in the Deraa province in southern Syria.

The Deraa Central Committee is negotiating on behalf of the residents of the Deraa al-Balad quarter, which has been under siege by the forces of the Bashar al-Assad regime for 68 days.

The next round of negotiations between the delegation of the Assad regime and the Central Committee of Deraa took place with the mediation of Russia on August 31.

In an interview with the Anadolu agency, one of the local activists, Aimen Ebu Nokta, shared the details of a three-day ceasefire agreement.

“In accordance with the agreement, during the period under review, the Russian-backed 8th Regiment will enter the Deraa al-Balad quarter to establish three military posts. Only the 8th Regiment and Deraa’s military security personnel will be stationed at these posts, ”Nokta said.

According to him, 34 residents of the Deraa al-Balad quarter have expressed their consent to hand over their light weapons to the regime’s forces. And those who refuse to fulfill this part of the agreement must leave the quarter and migrate to northern Syria.

Meanwhile, it remains unclear whether other armed residents of the quarter will surrender their weapons, the activist said.

Once the agreement comes into force, regime forces will lift the siege imposed on the region on 25 June. It was also agreed that the 4th division under the command of Bashar Assad’s brother Mahir Assad and pro-Iranian groups will be withdrawn from the region, the source added.

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