IndiaThe militant organization of the North East trapped in Myanmar, after the...

The militant organization of the North East trapped in Myanmar, after the military rebellion, the army there engulfed the fight

New Delhi
After the military rebellion in Myanmar, the trouble of the militant organizations of North East of India has also increased. In Myanmar where these extremist organizations have maintained their bases, now the military junta of Myanmar is using them and also pushing them into conflict with the people. According to sources, around 40 people of Manipur’s militant organization PLA and other organizations living in camps in Myanmar have lost their lives in these clashes.
Manipur’s militant organization PLA and other insurgent organizations included in the Coordination Committee were more active in the Valley i.e. Imphal earlier, but due to the continuous successful operation of security agencies, they were forced to cross the border and build their camps in Myanmar. On the Indo-Myanmar border, these people kept trying to continue their activities by staying on the side of Myanmar across the border.

The Myanmar Army has also been helping Indian security agencies from time to time in destroying these camps. But after a military coup on 1 February this year, rule came in the hands of the military junta in Myanmar. The people there are strongly opposing it. Civilians are also fighting unitedly against it. According to a senior Indian security agency official, the Myanmar Army is battling public protests and it is also using members of militant organizations from India there. From getting them to duty in the sentry post, they are getting duty done at the vehicle checking point. Along with this, they are also using them in routine patrolling.

People of extremist organizations are doing this work under compulsion. About 300 militants of the PLA and other Maiti groups are in Myanmar across the border and 40 people of the militant group have been killed so far in public clashes with the Myanmar Army. According to a security agency official, many people of militant organizations are surrendering.

Since February, around 20 militants of the militant outfits of Manipur have surrendered. According to those who surrendered, the situation in the militant camps across the border is very bad. On August 10, six PLA cadres were killed in a brawl in Myanmar’s Waktan Village on the other side of the Pangsu Pass.


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