The man saved the life of the monkey by breathing through the...

The man saved the life of the monkey by breathing through the mouth, R Ashwin said this by sharing the video

Man saved monkey’s life by breathing through his mouth

Some videos are seen on social media, which make us feel happy. Especially videos in which a human being. Whether it is helping animals or whether a human is helping another human being. One such video is going viral on social media, in which a man from Tamil Nadu has saved the life of an injured monkey after being attacked by dogs. India’s cricketer R Ashwin has also shared this video of a person saving a monkey’s life. He captioned the post, “Hopefully.”

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It is shown in the video that the man first pumped the monkey’s chest, when he saw that the animal was losing its breath and there was no significant improvement, then the man started giving the monkey breath through his mouth. As soon as the monkey came to his senses, the person’s face lit up with a smile and he lovingly took the monkey in his arms.

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The video was earlier shared by Indian IFS officer Sudha Ramon. Ramon described the man as Lord, and wrote that he “revived an 8-month-old monkey” that had been attacked by a group of dogs using first aid techniques. She further added that “her quick action saved the life of this little fellow”.

People are praising that person after watching the video. This video shared by the cricketer has been viewed more than 1 lakh times so far.

A report in The New Indian Express states that after being bitten by dogs, the monkey climbed a tree. After driving away the dogs, Prabhu started taking the monkey to the veterinary hospital on his two-wheeler. But then saw that the animal was losing its breath. Then he started trying to save his Dan by giving him breath through his mouth.