The man riding the bicycle disturbed the duck on the road, later...

The man riding the bicycle disturbed the duck on the road, later something happened that surprised people!

Social media is a sea. Different types of funny videos are available here. Many videos are funny (Humor Videos), there are many videos which are very memorable. Recently, the video is going viral on social media. It can be seen in the video that a man is making a lot of noise while riding a cycle. In the affair of killing Istyle (Style) is also troubling a duck (Duck Funny Video). After troubling the duck, as soon as he moves forward with a bicycle like a hero, a funny incident happens to him. People watching the video are saying that do good, do not disturb anyone.

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Watch the video.

In this video clip going viral, you can see that apart from the cyclist, there is also a duck on the road. This man unnecessarily tries to hit a duck while riding a bicycle. But whatever happens after that, perhaps even the cyclist had no idea about it. This is what is called Karma. As soon as the man hits the duck with the bicycle, its rear wheel turns. Then what happens… is not in the video.

Well, this video has been shared on Twitter with the handle @Elchiki_hn. People are liking this video. Since being shared on Twitter, it has been viewed more than 9 thousand times so far. How did you like this video, tell us by commenting.


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