The man did desi jugaad, made a switch board from a mobile...

The man did desi jugaad, made a switch board from a mobile box, seeing that you would also say ‘Wow, what a mind’ – watch video

Man did desi jugaad, made a switch board from a mobile box

We all have junk ie useless and old stuff in our house. We keep such items in the store room. Because it is not of our use. But, many times it also happens that the same junk material comes in handy for us. You must have seen a lot of jugaad videos on social media. But, this time the jugaad we are showing you, even you would not have thought that. When you get a new mobile, do you keep its box handy? Even if you had it, you would not be using it. But, a person has made a big thing out of the same mobile box. Which can be useful for all of you.

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Watch Video:

After watching this Jugaad Video which is going viral on social media, you will also praise that person for this. This person has made a switch board from the empty box of the mobile. This switch board is exactly the same as your wooden and plastic switch board. You can see for yourself in the video how amazing this switch board looks. You can also use this switch board as an extension. There is a lot of space inside the mobile compartment, in which switches and wires can be easily assembled. You see how a person has prepared a wonderful switch board from the box of RealMe C3 mobile.

This video has been shared on Instagram by an account named Raj Patre. Its caption read, ‘Apna desi jugaad’. People are liking this video very much on social media. Seeing this jugaad, people are praising the person fiercely. After watching the video, one user wrote, ‘Oh my god’, another wrote, ‘Right use of mobile box’