SportsThe lug of Oyarzabal, a discreet leader

The lug of Oyarzabal, a discreet leader

Mikel Oyarzabal (Eibar, 24 years old) performs a routine every game: at the end of the warm-up before the clash, and after launching several shots on goal from the edge of the area, he greets the fans —if he plays in Anoeta— and then leaves the last of the field taking a race at maximum speed, in which sometimes it seems that he can break. It is his way of activating himself before putting on the Donostia captain’s shirt and armband and playing, which is what he likes the most. In any competition, be it in the League with the txuriurdin shirt, or in the League of Nations with the red one, with which he shone scoring Spain’s goal in the final against France and giving Ferran both assists in the two goals against Italy in the semifinal.

The Real Sociedad player has become one of the most important assets for Luis Enrique, despite the fact that he is blamed for a certain irregularity in his actions. He is capable of scoring spectacular goals and missing clear shots; to control an impossible ball and to lose the next one. “Technically, in the years he was in training at Eibar, he was above average,” says Ion Agirreazaldegi, who directed him in the children’s club at the gunsmith club. “It may happen that he has a technical defect, which he can continue polishing, but in intensity or ambition he beats anyone,” adds the coach. According to who his coach of the lower Eibar teams was, “the fact that the coach is Luis Enrique is very good for Mikel”: “He does not look that he is not in one of the great teams in the League, but that he does the teams for him. day-to-day of the players and their performance on the field ”, says Agirreazaldegi.

According to the website whoscored, Oyarzabal’s performance increases on the left wing and is somewhat lower when he has had to act on the right. In the ratio that brings together various data from the Real footballer’s matches, he receives a 7.16 out of 10 when he plays as a midfielder heeled to the left, a 7.04 as a forward, also on the left, and a 7.88 if He acts in the middle of the field for the same band. As a center forward, his performance is also very high (7.38), but his note falls below 7 when he plays on the right. In Italy-Spain he received a valuation of 7.96 and against France a 7.4.

In the League, the realist is the second highest scorer in the championship, with six goals for Benzema’s nine. Oyarzabal has finished 24 times (only the French striker has done it on more occasions, 34), which gives the Spanish international a 25% success, the best average of his career in First Division.

Euro and Games

The first coach Mikel Oyarzabal had at Eibar was Germán Andueza, the everlasting delegate of the first armory team. Those were the times when each club employee performed various functions at the same time, before the club rose to the skies of the First Division and everything changed. He led him on the fry team before he made the jump to infant. “I think the best quality that Mikel has is the ease with which he has adapted to each category jump,” says Ion Agirreazaldegi. “He has had no difficulty climbing the steps to the elite. Every time he went up his performance improved, until he reached the Real and the national team ”, he says.

Oyarzabal was recruited by Real Sociedad at the age of 14. “Scouts from other teams came, like Athletic, and they all asked about 10, which was him, of course,” says his former coach; but he opted for La Real, among other things because of his family background: “At home they were fans of the San Sebastian team.” The family is precisely one of Mikel’s great supports to have reached the top of football without losing perspective. “All the factors come together: a well-furnished head and a favorable family environment that has not allowed him to have birds in his head,” confesses Agirreazaldegi. “When he was at Eibar, and at Real too, he was the first to arrive at training, he was never absent, and he was very constant in his academic training.” Mikel Oyarzabal has a university degree. He has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Deusto. He did it when he was 22 years old.

Oyarzabal leads Real, tied with 17 points at the top of the League together with Madrid and Atlético, from the left wing after a fantastic 2021, with their Copa del Rey title, participation in the Eurocup, the silver medal in the Olympic Games, and almost without rest, the League of Nations, where from his discretion he has won the favor of Luis Enrique. “In the locker room, as a kid he was introverted, but he had great leadership over the team due to his performance on the field,” says Ion Agirreazaldegi.

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