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The list of KPCC office bearers is not group based; More female representation; Satheesan said that the discussions are over

New Delhi: Opposition leader VD Satheesan has said that the discussions on the list of KPCC office bearers are over. He said the list would be submitted today or tomorrow. He told the media that there were only minor changes in the list.

I think the senior leaders of Kerala are satisfied with the discussions held. Everyone wants a good committee to come. Everyone wants the work of Congress to be dynamic. He said there was no uncertainty in the discussions and the only issues were that today was Sunday and there were no other obstacles to submit the list.

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The table is not group based. Satheesan said that he had communicated with the senior leaders today and that the change in the norms was after talking to everyone. There has been a slight change in the norms to increase the representation of women. The Leader of the Opposition said that those who were not included in the list would be considered at other levels and there would be inclusive action.

Satheesan added that he was returning to Kerala. It is reported that a list of 51 members will be released. The list of KPCC office bearers will be announced after detailed discussions as protests have erupted in the leadership following the earlier announcement of the DCC president.

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According to Asianet News, VS Sivakumar, Aryadan Shaukat and Jyothi Kumar Chamakala VT Balram are likely to be considered for the post of General Secretary. More women may be considered for office bearers. The number of vice presidents is likely to quadruple.

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