WorldThe 'Light Alloy Fixed Bridge' of the Turkish Armed Forces was established...

The ‘Light Alloy Fixed Bridge’ of the Turkish Armed Forces was established on the flooded Ayancık Stream.

The flood, which took place on August 11 after heavy rain in the region, caused two bridges built on the Ayancık Stream, which connects the two sides of Ayancık, to collapse and one bridge to be damaged.

As a result of seven hours of hard work, the installation of HASK in the TAF inventory, which has a width of 4.3 meters and a length of 40 meters, was brought to the region as a result of the works carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure after the flood disaster.

The mobile bridge has a carrying capacity of 70 tons for tracked vehicles and 96 tons for other uses.

With the bridge, which is planned to be opened to traffic tonight as a result of the completion of the necessary security measures and investigations, the highway connections that provide the transportation of the district with the outside world and that were closed due to the flood will be re-established.

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