The kitten was drowning in the water, then the little boy did...

The kitten was drowning in the water, then the little boy did the jugaad, putting himself in trouble and saved his life – Watch Video

Everyone loves animals. And when it comes to someone’s life, don’t even ask. Then a person can never back down from helping him. Cats are very cute and people like them very much. Many people love and caress cats like their own children. A cute video is becoming quite viral on social media, in which a kitten is crying for fear of drowning in water. He is trapped in deep water and is crying out to people to get himself out. In such a situation, a child going on the way hears his voice and puts himself in trouble to save him.

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This video is very cute to watch. This video has been shared by Viral Hog on YouTube. In the video you can see that a kitten is trapped in the water filled by the roadside and is crying. Just then a little boy descends towards the water and tries to get the kitten out of there with a plastic shovel. The kitten is very scared and is too nervous to come out. After a lot of effort, finally the boy is successful in getting the kitten out.

The kitten feels very relieved after coming out. And it is very cute to look at. People are liking this video very much. People are also praising the little boy, because he saved the life of the kitten by putting himself in trouble. So far more than 3 thousand people have seen this video on YouTube. People are also commenting fiercely on the video. One user wrote – We need more good people like this child. Another wrote – May God always keep your blessings on this child.


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