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The irreconcilable position of the Assad regime is a threat to the further work of the Constitutional Committee

The sixth round of meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva ended with “great disappointment” due to the implacable position of the delegation of the Bashar al-Assad regime.

Moreover, the parties could not decide on the date of the next round of meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Committee.

The war in the Arab Republic began in March 2011 with peaceful demonstrations that culminated in bloody events following the use of force by the Bashar al-Assad regime against its own people.

In the UN reports, it is recorded that the Assad regime and its supporters have repeatedly committed war crimes and crimes against humanity during 10 years of war.

During the civil war, hundreds of thousands of Syrians were killed and millions fled to neighboring countries, fearing for their lives.

Meanwhile, the meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, which began in October 2019, are the most important link in the search for a political solution to the conflict and the desire to end the chaos in the country.

The drafting group of the Constitutional Committee (small group) and the committee itself were established in 2019 to develop the draft constitution of Syria.

The Constitutional Committee is chaired by two co-chairs, one from the regime and one from the opposition, and includes 50 representatives of the regime, 50 members of the opposition and 50 more civic activists representing various religious and ethnic groups. Moreover, 30 percent of the committee members are women. The drafting group is made up on a similar principle: it includes 15 representatives of the regime and the opposition, as well as 15 people from non-governmental organizations.

The sixth round of meetings was held in Geneva from October 18 to 22 under the chairmanship of the UN Special Representative for Syria Geir O. Pedersen.

Until the very end of the round, Pedersen held separate meetings with the co-chairs from the opposition and the Assad regime.

The meeting of the two co-chairs at the same table – the first since the beginning of the Committee’s meetings – was the highlight of the sixth round of meetings.

Syrian Constitutional Committee spokesman Taryk al-Kurdi told Anadolu that by starting to draft the country’s constitutional reform, the Constitutional Committee has begun to fulfill its true obligations.

Meanwhile, Pedersen expressed his disappointment with the outcome of the meeting of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva.

For the first time, a UN representative directly blamed the Assad regime for the lack of results from the meetings.

According to the UN Special Representative for Syria, there were “ups and downs” at meetings throughout the week.

“We have not been able to achieve what we hoped for. We could have had good advice on how to reach consensus, but we lacked the right understanding of how to move the process forward, ”Pedersen said.

According to him, the delegation of the Syrian regime decided not to present a draft vision on aspects of the future Constitution.

It is expected that the way out of the crisis will be determined by Pedersen’s meetings with the guarantor countries of the Astana process – Turkey, Russia and Iran.

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