The iron roof blew away like a leaf in the storm, the...

The iron roof blew away like a leaf in the storm, the people in the car survived only

Many people have shared this video on social media.

New Delhi:

We all will have a good idea of ​​how dangerous storms are. Sometimes a storm creates such a terrible destruction that everything is destroyed. Often on social media too many videos related to the storm are dominated. These days a video is going viral on social media which is of a storm in Australia. In the video, a car is seen moving on the road. During this, an iron roof flies from the sky and falls towards the car.

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According to one information, this incident happened on 19 December in New South Wales, Australia. In the video, dangerous winds can be seen blowing due to the strong storm and some vehicles are plying on the roads in between. The wind speed in the storm is so strong that it seems as if everything is being blown away. During this, a roof flew off near the vehicle passing through the road. Fortunately, due to the distance of just a few moments, the car was saved from being hit by the roof.

Everyone is stunned after seeing this video. Many people are saying that if that car was a few inches behind, then surely a big accident could have happened. At the same time, another person said that this always happens during storms, so people should avoid traveling in storms. Many people are thinking that the car on which that iron roof was, what would have happened to it and whoever would be around the roof, how much damage would have been done to it.

The person who recorded this video is standing from the balcony of a tall building. Then suddenly an iron roof is seen in the direction of the road flying in the storm. The roof reaches very close to a car and looks like it will hit the car but luckily the roof did not fall on the car. Now this video is being shared a lot on social media. Many people used this video so that they could stay in safe places in the storm.