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The hobby of traveling took her life, the woman who was photographing her husband slipped, died after falling into a 100 feet deep gorge

A woman has died after falling from a cliff in Belgium. The woman was standing on a rock on the side of a 100 feet deep ditch and getting her husband to do a photoshoot. 33-year-old Joe Snokes had come to Belgium with her husband Joeri Janssen. On Tuesday morning, she was getting a photoshoot done near Nadrin Village in Luxembourg Province. Both were in love with each other since their school days and both got married in 2012.

According to the news of DailyMail, the woman was standing on the edge of a 100 feet high cliff and posing for pictures with her husband when suddenly her foot slipped. He died after falling into the river. The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Luxembourg province said she slipped off the edge of a cliff and fell into the Orthe River. Police, firefighters and scuba divers arrived at the scene with a medical helicopter. Rescuers later recovered the woman’s body.
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There was a plan to return home on the day of the accident
Husband Joeri said that we had gone out for a walk on Sunday. Our intention was to take a short trip to Europe after the pandemic and take some beautiful pictures. The couple were about to return home the day Snokes died. Both got up early in the morning to see the 4500 feet high cliff. He told that while taking pictures on the side of the cliff, my wife asked me to see the dogs. I turned to the dogs and as I turned back to Snokes she was not there.

Life changed in five seconds
He told that she had fallen down in less than five seconds. I didn’t hear anything, no screaming, no sliding, nothing was there. Heartbroken by the death of his wife, Joeri gives voice to Snokes even after losing hope. But the trench was hundreds of feet deep. He immediately called emergency services but it was too late.