WorldThe German army, left fallow for years, suddenly flooded with billions

The German army, left fallow for years, suddenly flooded with billions

ANALYSIS – The provision of 100 billion euros may not be enough to reform the Bundeswehr from top to bottom.

Correspondent in Berlin

Under the constraint of the Russian invasion, Germany’s budgetary shortcomings with regard to NATO denounced by Donald Trump are in the process of being erased, under the presidency of Joe Biden. By putting 100 billion euros on the table all at once, the government of Olaf Scholz has pledged to respect the objectives of the countries of the Alliance, aiming to devote 2% of their national wealth to their military expenditure. . Besides this windfall, “the change of times”described three weeks ago by the German Chancellor, resulted in the delivery of one thousand anti-tank rocket launchers, 500 Stinger surface-to-air missiles and nine howitzers to the Ukrainian army.

Moscow’s offensive took the country completely by surprise. “For me, a German historian and like all my compatriots, imbued with the Holocaust and the Second World War, it was inconceivable that a conflict of this magnitude could arise in Europe”, admits the military historian Sönke Neitzel. Once past…

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