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The geoglyph of Ataturk has been decorating a mountain in Turkish Erzincan for 39 years

A portrait-geoglyph of the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, has been decorating the Keshish mountain range in Erzincan province for 39 years.

The composition was created in 1982 by the efforts of three thousand soldiers based on a sketch by the famous artist Mustafa Aydemir.

The “face” of Ataturk was applied at the foot of the mountain range in the town of Ishykpinar. A portrait with an area of ​​7.5 thousand square meters. m. has a height of 176 meters.

600 tons of stone, 210 tons of mortar and 200 tons of paint were used to make it.

From time to time, work on the restoration of the geoglyph is carried out in Erzincan.

Aydemir said that it took 30 days to make the portrait using natural materials.

The works were carried out with the participation of volunteers in rather difficult conditions, the artist stated.


According to him, over time, under the influence of rain and snow, the paint of the geoglyph faded.

In this regard, in 2017, a team of 14 people “refreshed” the portrait in 15 days.

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