WorldThe future of Quad rests on India's role, will PM Modi collide...

The future of Quad rests on India’s role, will PM Modi collide with the Chinese dragon?


  • Top leaders of America, Japan, India and Australia are participating in the ‘Quad’ meeting
  • The countries of the Indo-Pacific region are keeping their eyes on this meeting of the Quad group.
  • There are many of these countries that are troubled by China’s grandeur in the South China Sea.

Top leaders of America, Japan, India and Australia are going to sit together for the first time today to participate in the ‘Quad’ summit. The countries of the Indo-Pacific region are keeping their eyes on this meeting of the Quad. There are many of these countries that are troubled by China’s grandeur in the South China Sea but are unable to compete with the dragon due to lack of solid alternatives. According to experts, how effective this ‘Quad’ faction will be able to crack down on the Chinese dragon, a lot will now depend on India’s role. Let’s understand the whole matter….

In fact, the unofficial launch of the Quad took place in the year 2004 during the severe tsunami in India. After this, in the year 2007, the then Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe emphasized the concept of ‘Quad’. The purpose of Quod was to rein in China’s big challenge. In the year 2017, the Quad got more strength. America’s Trump and now the Biden government are promoting it. Four member countries of the Quad have held a virtual summit in March.
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Quad issue will be prominent in America
Samir Lalwani, senior fellow for Asia Strategy at the think-tank Stimson Center, told Al Jazeera, “This quad meeting is taking place even after the arrival of Biden after Trump in the US, the formation of new governments in Japan and Australia. This shows that the quad has stability and you can say how it will go ahead. It’s going to be a real institution…I think it’ll be etched in the minds of Washington’s defense and diplomatic community for years to come.’

Lalwani said that all these four countries are concerned about Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific region and it provides them with a common ground. Analysts say that the quad is still taking root. He said that India, Australia and Japan can benefit by cooperating but they are also afraid of complicated relations with China. During the Trump administration, all these three countries have shown caution towards China, but all three have thought it better to deal directly with China to a large extent. However, all these three countries insist that the quad is against the military might of China.

The navies of India, Japan, Australia and the US are coming together in the Malabar exercise. Not only this, Japan has clearly raised its voice against China’s grandeur near Senkaku Island in the East China Sea. Japanese Prime Minister Suga warned recently that China’s military development could threaten the peace and prosperity of our country. He emphasized on strengthening defense ties with America.
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The future rests on India’s role in the Quad
Ethan Paul, a senior researcher at the Quincy Institute, says India’s decision to stay with the Quad is particularly significant. He said that India is not as concerned about the South China Sea as other countries are. India is more concerned about the disputed border with China and the freedom of navigation in the Indian Ocean. India is the only country in the Quad members that shares its land borders with China. Paul says that India has to play a balancing role. Violent clashes have also taken place on the border between the two countries.

Paul said, “It will be important to see how India plays this whole game in the times to come, keeping in mind its relationship with the Quad and its role in Asia. I believe this will have an impact not only on the Quad but on the future of the region as a whole. In particular, it remains to be seen what role India plays with regard to tensions around Taiwan, which continues to be a focal point for the US, Japan and Australia, he said. What role India plays with Taiwan tensions will have a serious impact on the future of the Quad.
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India underestimated the security aspect of the Quad
Researcher Ethan Paul said that India has deliberately underplayed the security aspect just before the Quad summit. To put it in the words of the Indian Foreign Secretary, ‘Let me make it clear that the Quad and the Ocus are not groups of similar nature… Quad is a multilateral grouping.’ Shringla said on Tuesday that the new security agreement signed by the US, UK and Australia is neither related to the Quad nor will it have any impact on its functioning due to the agreement. He said that both are not groups of similar nature.


The eyes of the world will be on the summit meeting of the Quad group


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