SportsThe future of cycling

The future of cycling

In childhood, the bicycle has a certain mystique. With a growth point -the process of getting rid of the side wheels and achieving balance is one of the milestones of childhood- and also some independence -it allows moving away from the known environment and exploring new territories at other speeds-, it becomes in a practical and fun object. Includes a dash of status: there will be vehicles that carry countless extras; others will be more basic. All will leave in the memory an aroma of freedom, of time ahead and of the absence of obligations that, most likely, will not return.

Over the years, the bicycle will become a means of transport and a physical activity. With the aim of making this transition easier and helping to understand cycling as a sport comes Cycling for kids (JC), a book in which Iván Libreros adapts the history of the sport of two wheels and its terminology to facilitate access for the little ones.

An introduction to the history of the vehicle, the three great European rounds, the historical names of the competition and the debt to women cyclists. Also an invitation to apply his lessons to life: “cycling is the sport that most and best unites the concepts of toughness and beauty. You, boys and girls, will rule the next years the time trials, the hard mountain passes, the classic ones… you will be gregarious for others, you will fall on the road, you will suffer, you will cry and you will enjoy this wonderful sport without equal ”.

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