IndiaThe fault of the oncoming vehicle in the accident; 4 crore...

The fault of the oncoming vehicle in the accident; 4 crore compensation for Alappuzha resident


  • Dubai civil court rules in favor of expatriate
  • He will get compensation of Rs 4 crore
  • Judgment in the 2019 incident

Dubai: A Dubai court has awarded Rs 4 crore in compensation to a Keralite injured in a car accident in the UAE. Vinu Abraham Thomasi (29) from Alappuzha will receive the compensation. The verdict comes at the end of a year-and-a-half-long legal battle.

The incident related to the case took place on November 9, 2019. The accident took place on Dubai Al Ain Road. Vinu Abraham claimed that the negligence of the driver of the oncoming vehicle was the cause of the accident. The court convicted the driver on the basis of his conviction. However, Vinu had approached the court seeking compensation for the accident, citing serious injuries.

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Vinu’s brother Vinesh, former president of the Sharjah Indian Association EP Johnson, relatives Alan and Jinu approached Salam Pappinisseri, a social worker and legal expert in the UAE. Subsequently, the case was filed with the Insurance Authority on the instructions of Salam Pappinisseri. The young man was assisted by strong evidence, including forensic medical reports compiled from the Medico-Legal Department of the Sharjah court.
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However, the insurance company claimed that Vinu Abraham was also involved in the accident. It was alleged that the occupant of the vehicle was getting out of his vehicle to witness another accident and this was the cause of the accident. But the court did not accept these matters. The Insurance Authority had found that the driver of the oncoming vehicle was at fault and in this case Vinu was entitled to compensation. The court accepted the medico forensic report submitted by Vinu’s lawyer and the details of the injuries as evidence. The authority ruled that the insurance company should pay two million dirhams and nine per cent legal benefit until the amount is paid in full.

However, the company appealed to the Dubai Civil Court. The petitioner said that there were no fatal injuries and that he should ask the authority to cancel the two million dirhams awarded as compensation for only five per cent of the injuries. However, the court rejected the company’s argument after Vinu’s lawyer presented strong evidence. The court then ordered him to pay the appropriate compensation and court costs.

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