IndiaThe father of a child in Vandiperiyar said that no political gain...

The father of a child in Vandiperiyar said that no political gain should be made in the death of his daughter


  • The maximum punishment should be ensured for the accused
  • Arjun was never suspected
  • Arjun was a neighbor and acquaintance

Idukki: The father of the girl killed in Vandiperiyar is worried that the political controversy related to his daughter’s death will divert attention from the case. The father of the six-year-old said everyone should help ensure maximum punishment for the accused. The father’s response came in the wake of allegations by other political parties, including the Youth Congress, that the accused was a DYFI activist.

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“We are devastated. If they want to support us, they must complete the trial as soon as possible and punish the accused. Satisfied with the ongoing investigation.” The boy’s father said the government had promised maximum punishment for the accused.

Arjun’s involvement was discovered during a police investigation. The shawl was thought to have been strangled to death. In Arjun’s childhood, he had taken him for a walk. Neighbor and acquaintance. We never suspected him. Mol’s childhood, he used to carry, he said.

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Rajya Sabha member Suresh Gopi, who visited the boy ‘s house, said he did not agree with the controversy over Arjun’s politics. He said that care should be taken not to repeat such incidents. In addition, the Child Rights Commission visited the girl’s home and offered all possible assistance, Asianet News reported.

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