WorldThe family suffering from hunger sold the girl for 37 thousand rupees,...

The family suffering from hunger sold the girl for 37 thousand rupees, the situation in Afghanistan is appalling

Afghanistan is going through a bad phase. The people of the country are facing the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world. The situation began to deteriorate rapidly after the Taliban seized power in the country in August. There is a lack of basic facilities in the country and people are suffering from hunger. A person hungry for food can cross any limit and so did an Afghan family. To save the rest of her children from starving, a mother sold her baby girl.

His identity has not been revealed in the BBC report. The mother who sold the child says, ‘The rest of my children were starving, so we had to sell our baby girl. I am very sorry for this because she is my baby girl. I wish I didn’t have to sell my daughter.’ The girl’s father works as a garbage collector but does not earn any money from it. He said, ‘We are hungry. There is neither flour nor oil in our house. We have nothing.’
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Will last a few months
He said, ‘My daughter does not know what her future will be. I don’t know how she would feel about it but I had to.’ The baby is only a few months old. When she starts walking the buyer will pick her up. The man has paid around $500 to buy the baby girl. With this, the family can meet its expenses for a few months. The buyer has told the family that he will marry the girl child to his son, but no one can believe this promise.

Families ready to sell children
According to the report, there are many families in Afghanistan who have sold or are ready to sell their children. Government facilities have come to a complete standstill. In such a situation, it is difficult for sick children to get treatment, due to which many innocent people have lost their lives. After the withdrawal of the Taliban, international funding to Afghanistan has completely stopped. Countries have differing views on recognizing the Taliban government. Meanwhile, the United Nations has issued a stern warning, saying that millions of people will die if immediate aid is not delivered to Afghanistan soon.


Photo : BBC (Video)