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The face of showbiz: Meet the ‘Family of the Animals’ causing a YouTube storm

After 4 episodes of The Cuc Suc Family received a “rain” of compliments and millions of views on YouTube, Vo Tan Phat suddenly returned with episode 5 and episode 6 consecutively entering the top trending positions of YouTube Vietnam in different places. high intelligence.

The audience was able to meet the couple of Seven Departments of the Seven Animals and their two daughters, Quao Quo, “tossing their pieces” in a new normal life after days of social distancing. Not only stop at the fight, viewers are also led through a series of “bad crying and laughing” situations such as teacher BB Tran earning extra money by selling cakes, meeting the lady selling beef noodle soup, and the flight attendant remains unchanged. motorbike taxi, gymer “fertile” after a series of anti-epidemic days.

In addition, Vo Tan Phat also cleverly integrates life stories such as excessive food hoarding, charity meals, gymer development, humanity in the heart of the epidemic, or catching trends that are extremely sensitive to “games”. Squid” (Squid game) version of “The Cuc”….


When asked about his thoughts on his product reaching the top of the trend, Vo Tan Phat shared that he and the crew tried to come up with script ideas and filmed in accordance with epidemic prevention regulations in the coming time. quite a short period of time. Everything became much more difficult than in previous episodes, so when he received positive feedback from the audience, he felt very happy because he did not expect the audience to still be very welcoming to the return of The Animal Family.

Let’s meet Vo Tan Phat, Duy Khuong, Huu Dang in Showbiz face!