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The EU fears a worsening situation with migrants on the border with Belarus

The European Asylum Agency (EASO) warns of the threat of a worsening situation with illegal migrants at the border of Belarus. This was stated by the executive director of the department Nina Gregory in an interview published on Sunday with the German media group Funke, TASS reports.

“The situation in the countries on the border with Belarus is very serious. It will definitely not be solved in the near future, ”she said.

Gregory noted that Latvia and Lithuania suffered the most from the crisis with migrants.

“Just one example: Lithuania usually registers 500 requests for asylum per year. Now the authorities have registered more than 2,500 applications from refugees who arrived from Belarus since the influx of migrants began in early summer, ”Gregory said.

According to her, EASO has dispatched 77 employees to Lithuania to assist with the admission, registration and processing of requests.

Funke recalled that the German federal police are also registering at the Polish border a significant increase in the number of illegal migrants who have entered the EU through Belarus. Since the beginning of August, over 4.3 thousand illegal migrants from countries such as Iraq, Syria and Iran have arrived through the territory of Belarus and Poland.

At the end of May, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that his country served as a barrier to the transfer of illegal migrants to Lithuania, however, given the political pressure from the West, Minsk may wonder whether it is worth continuing to do so. The Polish authorities have previously decided to declare a state of emergency in the regions on the border with Belarus due to the situation with migrants.

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