The door of the lift has been closed for the delivery boy,...

The door of the lift has been closed for the delivery boy, now he has to come up the stairs

We order food online when there is no cooking at home, or when a guest comes to the house. At the time of Corona, we saw that online food delivery staff were lifesavers for us. During the Corona period when we were imprisoned in our homes, at that time these same online deliveries used to bring food for us without caring for our lives. Recently, a poster has gone viral on social media, in which the employees of Zomato and Swiggy are being forbidden to use the lift. Think, if they do not use the lift, then how will people get food on time. Not only this, how much trouble will it be for those who live on the 10th floor or the 15th floor?

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Sobhana K Nair has shared this photo on her Twitter account. He has written in the caption – Delivery boys of Swiggy and Zomato are not allowed to use the lift. Use the stairs instead of the lift. This notice is from Udaipur, Rajasthan. Now the picture of this notice is becoming increasingly viral on social media. After seeing this, there is a lot of displeasure among the people. Users are constantly giving their feedback on Shobhana’s post.

Commenting on this photo, a user wrote, ‘Whoever put up this poster should be punished.’ At the same time, another user commented and wrote, ‘If the delivery boys get such a notice in any society, then they should tell the customer to come and take their parcel themselves’.

After this viral photo, many people have spoken in favor of the delivery staff. This is becoming a topic of discussion on social media. What do you think, is this correct?


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