The dog taught the owner a lesson, ran in the garden with...

The dog taught the owner a lesson, ran in the garden with water cannons, see viral video

Dogs are the closest animals to us among all animals. They live with us in our house. It is said that the dog lives like a family with humans. Many viral videos are seen on social media. Dog lovers love such videos very much. Even today a video is going viral on social media, in which it can be seen that a dog is welcoming its owner with water cannons. This video looks so cute. This video is being liked very much on social media.

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It can be seen in the viral video that a dog very cleverly extends a water pipe towards its owner. Water starts coming out of that pipe. The owner gets upset when the water comes out and starts running. The dog is no less mischievous. He is getting the owner wet with water by running. This video is going viral very fast on social media.

The viral video is getting the love of the people. This video going viral has been shared with the Twitter handle named buitengebieden_. This video has got more than 13 lakh views. At the same time, thousands of people have made their comments on this video.

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