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The deputy chief of Taliban intelligence is the mastermind of the suicide attacks, runs the ‘Suicide Attack Network’


  • Taliban places 33 ministers in new caretaker government, not a single woman
  • Taj Mir Jawad, who was responsible for the suicide attacks in Kabul, got a big role
  • Taj Mir Jawad became a dreaded terrorist as deputy chief of Taliban’s intelligence department

Taj Mir Jawad has been made the Deputy Intelligence Chief in the new Taliban government of Afghanistan. Taj Mir Jawad is a very dangerous terrorist. According to security and intelligence officials of several countries, he runs a network of suicide bombers that is responsible for several deadly attacks in Kabul. Jawad is considered an internal member of the Taliban’s military structure. He is one of 33 ministers appointed to the new caretaker Taliban government. He will serve as the first deputy to the new Intelligence Chief Abdul Haq Wasik.

Responsible for the attacks in Kabul
Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid on Tuesday announced the new government, with Mullah Hassan Akhund as the country’s caretaker prime minister, Hindustan Times reported. Security officials working and retired in several countries say that Jawad is responsible for some of the most deadly suicide attacks in Kabul recently. At the same time, an official called Jawad ‘Bad News’. Another former West security official said Jawad runs a suicide network and has strong links with Pakistan’s security apparatus.
A lot of devious tricks went on for the post of minister inside the Taliban, Baradar got the punishment for this crime
used to run suicide attack training center
Rahmatullah Nabil, who served as the head of Afghanistan’s spy agency National Directorate of Security, in 2018 blamed Jawad for overseeing the Al-Hamza Martyrdom Brigade, a training center for suicide bombers. Jawad is also known as Maulvi Zabiullah. Nabil had said that the suicide bomber who killed General Abdul Razik Achakzai was trained at the Al-Hamza Martyrdom Brigade.

murder conspiracy hatched from pakistan
Abdul Razik gave a befitting reply to the Taliban in their stronghold Kandahar. It is being claimed that Jawad was in Peshawar city of Pakistan at that time. From there he, along with Mullah Shireen, a member of the Taliban’s Quetta Shura, hatched a plot to assassinate General Razik. Nabil said Jawad was injured in a blast while experimenting with bombs in Mir Ali, Pakistan.

Commander in Haqqani faction
ISI had taken Jawad to Sri Lanka for treatment on Pakistani passport which proved unsuccessful. Later Jawad was brought to Karachi for the rest of the treatment. The Long War Journal, a website that closely tracks jihadist groups, reported as far back as 2013 that Jawad was also a senior commander in the dreaded Haqqani network. He, along with another Taliban commander, ran the ‘Kabul Attack Network’.

Taliban Intelligence

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