The deer was grazing the grass with pleasure, then the cheetah attacked,...

The deer was grazing the grass with pleasure, then the cheetah attacked, but the deer did not mind

More than one video goes viral on social media every day. These videos are always attractive and funny, only then they also become viral on social media. It is often seen that videos of animals are always going viral on social media. People also always like to watch videos of animals. Recently, a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It can be seen in the viral video that a deer was happily grazing in the forest, when a cheetah came nearby and attacked the deer.

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In the viral video, it can be seen how the cheetah ambushes the deer, but the deer is not making any difference. The biggest reason for this is that where the deer is grazing, there is a fence made of iron wire, so it is safe. The cheetah is trying its best to take the deer in its clutches, but it is not being successful. People are liking this video very much on social media. Many comments of people are being seen on this video.

This video going viral has been shared on social media by forest officer Sushant Nanda with a Twitter handle named susantananda3. This video, which is going viral so far, has got more than 68 thousand views. Many comments are also being seen on this video on social media.