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‘The decoration of the natives on the road named after me!’; The actor protests against the dumping of garbage on ‘PR Sreejesh Road’


  • PR Sreejesh with protest
  • The incident took place in the East Coast
  • The actor tweeted

Kochi: Hockey player PR Sreejesh has strongly protested against the dumping of garbage on the road named after him. The actor’s response was to urge the village officers to take strong action against those who dumped waste. Sreejesh took to Twitter to protest.

Sreejesh’s tweet was tagged by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. PR Sreejesh said that despite being fully literate, there was no common sense and the people of his hometown were disappointed. “Literacy is 100% common sense zero. This is how the road named after me is decorated by the people of my hometown. It is disappointing. The Kunnathunadu and Kizhakambalam village officers should pay attention to this issue and take strict action against it.” About PR Sreejesh. Sreejesh also shared pictures of him dumping garbage on the road with his tweet.

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Mathrubhumi reports that the incident took place at the border between Kunnathunadu panchayat and Kizhakambalam panchayat. According to the report, garbage has been dumped in the area for a long time and the locals have complained to the authorities several times but to no avail. According to the Mathrubhumi website, a pile of rubbish on the road passing in front of Sreejesh’s house caught the actor’s attention the other day and he immediately tweeted after taking the picture. The name of hockey player PR Sreejesh was put on the road years ago.

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It is alleged that such waste is dumped by anti-socials who arrive in vehicles at night. There are few houses in this area on the road with paddy fields on both sides. According to the report, a large amount of waste is being dumped here, taking advantage of the situation where there are no CCTV cameras or street lights. Locals have demanded that CCTV cameras be installed here and patrolling be strengthened to avoid dumping waste in the area. There have been previous reports of chemical spills in the area.

Sreejesh led the Indian men’s hockey team to a bronze medal at this year’s Tokyo Olympics. Sreejesh GV, a native of East Kambalam, became active in sports after training at Raja Sports School. Sreejesh, who was part of the Indian team at the 2021 London Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics, has received the Padma Shri and the Arjuna Award.

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