WorldThe death toll in forest fires in Algeria rose to 65

The death toll in forest fires in Algeria rose to 65

Algeria, after an extreme heat wave and strong winds reaching from the south in recent days, Forest firesit’s going to be a scene. According to the news of Algerian state television, the number of people who lost their lives in the fires in the country increased to 65, including 28 soldiers and 37 civilians.

The province of Tizi Vizu, located approximately 100 kilometers east of the capital Algeria, stands out among the regions most affected by the fires.

According to the news of Algerian official agency APS, forest fires were recorded at 71 different points in 18 states. According to the news, firefighting continues at 22 points in Tizi Vizu, 13 points in Becaya and Tarif provinces around the coastline in the northeast, and 11 points in Cicel province.

It is stated that teams have difficulty in responding to forest fires in these mountainous regions of the country, where mostly Amazig (Berber) population lives and transportation is difficult. The Algerian army is also participating in firefighting efforts.

Algerian Prime Minister Aymen bin Abdurrahman said in a statement yesterday that 42 people, including 25 soldiers and 17 civilians, lost their lives in forest fires.

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