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The death of a dog left on the street after being neutered in Esenyurt as a result of its stitches bursting caused a reaction.

Animal lovers reacted to the death of the dog, who was left on the street in Esenyurt right after he was neutered, as a result of his stitches bursting.

Animal lover Yılmaz Yüksel, who lives in Mehterçeşme Neighborhood and works in the advertising industry, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he takes care of and helps animals in his area.

Expressing that he searched the area after his friends reported that a dog was walking around with an injury, Yüksel stated that he found the dog in a parking lot with its intestines protruding.

Explaining that he then called the shelter belonging to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), 153 Beyaz Masa, the shelters of the Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt municipalities, the fire department and the police, but none of them returned to him, Yüksel said that after waiting for 1.5 hours, no one came and took the dog to a private veterinarian with his own vehicle. recorded.

Yuksel stated that when the veterinarian said that the dog should be operated on, he would cover the expenses himself and wanted the operation to be performed immediately, but the dog could not be saved and died.

Stating that they learned that the dog’s chip number belongs to the İBB, Yüksel said, “They had the dog neutered at the İBB shelter. Normally, the dog should stay in the shelter for 10 days after neutering. Since the dog was released on the street without being in the shelter for such a long time, its seams burst and its intestines came out. The animal lost its life. No official institution has addressed us.” said.

Nihal Kasa, the President of Marmara Animal Rights Federation, said that the innocent dog with the İBB earring was thrown into Esenyurt with its intestines outside.

Noting that the citizens who found the dog called the Esenyurt Municipality until 23:00, the phones were not answered, Kasa stated that the IMM teams did not come either.

Kasa stated that the dog was later taken to a private clinic where he died in agony.

Arguing that IMM and Esenyurt Municipality are also responsible for this issue and should be held accountable, Kasa said:

“Your protocol will fail. An animal that has undergone surgery cannot be left on the street without the surgical wounds being healed. However, in the picture we see, the animal was operated on, was thrown into the street on the street and was left to die in the street with blood running. This animal is in the borders of Esenyurt. It is available in Esenyurt. “There is a nursing home. If it is Esenyurt’s animal, what is it doing in İBB or why did İBB threw the animal in Esenyurt? According to the law, every municipality must have veterinary service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week after working hours or during holidays. However, even their phones do not answer.”

Animal lover Sinem Umas, who shared the images of the dog on social media, also stated that a dog should be kept under observation after neutering, antibiotic treatment should be continued, and then the stitches should be removed and left in the living area.

Umas, who stated that it was understood that this was not done in the images encountered here, noted that no one was doing their duty in any way.

Umas, who argued that IMM thought he took the dog and left it in Esenyurt, stated that the animal was thrown out before the treatment was finished and as a result it died.

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