SportsThe day that Prusikin shone like never before

The day that Prusikin shone like never before

Michael Prusikin (Chárkov, Soviet Union, 1978) is an outstanding example of something already expressed here several times: in the Soviet Union there were a legion of unknown very strong players beyond the Eastern bloc. Prusikin emigrated to Germany in 1995, achieved the title of International Master at age 20 and Grandmaster at 26, when he decided to become a professional player. The simultaneous participation in the team leagues of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, his sporadic presence in individual tournaments and, above all, his reputation as a good coach – specializing in young talents – allow him to live off his passion.

But Prusikin would still be almost unknown beyond that environment if it weren’t for the beautiful and unforgettable game in this video. The fact that his rival, the immortal Víktor Korchnói, was already 74 years old should not detract from the German – and does not detract from the didactic value of the game – because the venerable old man achieved impressive sporting successes in his seventies, and even eighties. But in this game, he forgets how dangerous it can be to move the queen away from her king when there are also weaknesses in the complex of squares of the same color (black in this case). And, thanks to his extreme brilliance in exploiting that factor, Prusikin also becomes immortal.

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