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The danger of Omicron Variant is increasing rapidly, after spreading in 63 countries, know what the WHO warned. Omicron Variant Reduces Vaccine Efficacy and Spreads-Faster than delta Says World Health Organization | Patrika News

New Delhi. In the midst of the war against Coronavirus, its new variant Omicron Variant has increased problems for the whole world. The Omicron variant is continuously expanding its footprint. 63 countries of the world including India have come under its grip so far. This is the reason why everyone is also taking strict steps to deal with it. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also issued a big warning. According to the WHO, the Omicron variant of Corona will progress faster than the previous variant Delta, which can become a major threat.

Everyone’s concern has increased after this warning of WHO. So far 38 cases have been reported in India for this variant, while 8 states are affected by it. The highest danger is increased in Maharashtra.

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Although the initial symptoms of the Omicron variant are mild, but the latest warning from the World Health Organization (WHO) has increased everyone’s tension. According to WHO, so far Omicron has spread to 63 countries. The WHO said that after looking at the speed of infection, it seems that it will overtake the delta variant in a short time.

Not only this, the World Health Organization has expressed another fear about Omicron. The WHO has also claimed the vaccine’s effectiveness is low due to the Omicron variant. However, according to preliminary data, the new variant does not cause serious symptoms, but its danger cannot be ruled out.

According to the World Health Organization, as of December 9, Omicron has spread to 63 countries. However, so far its greatest impact has been seen only in South Africa. There this variant spread very fast. Whereas in Britain the Delta proved to be the more dangerous variant.

Based on preliminary data, the WHO said that Omicron reduces the effectiveness of the vaccine against infection. The data suggests that the new variant may overtake the Delta once community transmission takes place.

Experts consider Omicron less dangerous
The delta variant of the corona virus in India caused a lot of devastation. During the second wave, more than 4 lakh cases were being reported daily in the country, while a large number of people also lost their lives. This is the reason why many experts still consider Omicron to be less dangerous than the Delta variant.

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Maharashtra raises concern in India
The biggest impact of the Omicron variant in the country is seen in Maharashtra. So far 18 people have been infected in the state due to this new variant. Like every time, cases are increasing rapidly in this state. In fact, during the second wave, the maximum impact of the delt variant was seen in Maharashtra itself.