The customer gave a tip of lakhs to the waitress, the restaurant...

The customer gave a tip of lakhs to the waitress, the restaurant manager fired

Many people were surprised after hearing this news.

New Delhi:

Often people keep going to the restaurant to eat food. While paying the bill after eating food, many people do not forget to give his tip to the waiter. Recently, such a case related to Tip has come to the fore, hearing about which will blow anyone’s senses. Actually, a girl working as a waitress in a restaurant in America got a tip of three and a half lakhs. But because of this tip, the waitress job was lost.

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According to one information, the name of the girl who was fired is Ryan Brandt, who lives in Arkansas. Ryan used to work as a waitress in a restaurant. A businessman who came there a few days ago gave him a hefty amount of three and a half lakhs as a tip in lieu of service. Ryan was overjoyed to get this tip. But Ryan’s happiness did not last long.

The manager of the restaurant ordered him to share his tip with the rest of the waitress of Rs.3.5 lakh. Ryan was very disappointed to hear this. This happened because no one had ever asked him to share the tip before. Obviously, one would be disappointed by sharing such a huge tip. That’s why Ryan was also very surprised by the decision of the restaurant manager.

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The waitress told this to the person giving the tip. When the manager came to know about this, he fired the waitress for sharing this thing. On learning about this incident, the businessman who gave the tip extended his hand to help the waitress Ryan. He created a page called GoFundMe. Through this, people can help Ryan repay the education loan after he loses his job.