The crocodile chewed on the drone as its food, Google's Sundar Pichai...

The crocodile chewed on the drone as its food, Google’s Sundar Pichai was shocked after watching the video

This video is going viral on social media.

Every day some video goes viral on social media. There are many videos which are shocking and there are many such videos which surprise us. Even today, a similar video has gone viral on social media, after seeing which the whole world has been shocked. Not only this, the CEO of Google and Alphabet (Google And Alphabet CEO) is also very fond of this video (Sundar Pichai). This video is also a bit dangerous, so watch it with your heart.

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In this video you can see that a gharial presses a flying thing in its mouth. After that smoke starts coming out of the mouth of the crocodile. Neighbors were watching this scene. Everyone starts shouting loudly and refuses to eat the gharial. Actually the thing that is eating alligators is drones. After swallowing the drone, smoke starts coming out of it.

This video was first put on YouTube. After that a Twitter user named @chr1sa has shared it with his Twitter account. This video is so scary that people are commenting on it.

After the video went viral, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai also retweeted it. Many comments are also coming on this video. People are saying that this crocodile does not even know that the drone is lifeless. At the same time, a user said – no one even knows what the animal can do.


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