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The Council of State validates the dissolution of the CCIF (Collective Against Islamophobia in France)

AA / Nice / Feïza Ben Mohamed

The Council of State has definitively validated the dissolution of the CCIF (Collective Against Islamophobia in France), announced Friday the liquidator of the association, in a press release.

The latter denounces a decision which “both for its target and its motives, marks a major turning point in the institutionalization of repressive arbitrariness in France”.

In his writing, the liquidator expresses his “concern with regard to a decision opening the way to the offense of opinion”.

“The only and main grievance to be held against the CCIF is its definition of Islamophobia (especially institutional)”, continues the press release which also specifies that “all the other grievances criticized by the Ministry of the Interior (…), were swept away ”.

Finally, to justify its decision, the Council of State considered that the action of the CCIF “would in itself constitute incitement to hatred, which would go beyond the framework of the protection of freedom of expression”.

“Both the form and the substance and the scope of this decision, must alert any member of civil society attached to the rule of law” assures the liquidator of the association who finally underlines that in “17 years of existence, the CCIF has never been convicted or prosecuted ”.

As a reminder, this dissolution took place when the French government announced a battery of measures in response to the attack which claimed the life of Samuel Paty in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine on October 16.

The government had openly declared that the CCIF was an “enemy of the Republic”.

Many personalities, associations for the defense of human rights, lawyers and even magistrates, had denounced a clear intimidation of the authorities, aimed at criminalizing Muslim associations and those working against Islamophobia.

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