WorldThe conflicting parties in Yemen held a prisoner exchange

The conflicting parties in Yemen held a prisoner exchange

As part of an agreement reached between the Yemeni government and the Iranian-backed Ansarullah (Houthis) movement, an exchange of prisoners, prisoners and detainees took place in the Yemeni city of Taiz. This was announced by the media center of the General Staff of the government forces of Yemen.

As part of the agreement, 206 people were released.

136 prisoners, most of whom are civilians abducted by the Houthis, were transferred in exchange for 70 Houthi rebels. The exchange of prisoners was carried out with the mediation of the local authorities.

The Ansarullah Movement has yet to make any announcements regarding the exchange.

In Yemen, clashes and political instability have continued for a long time. In 2018, the Stockholm Agreement was signed between Iranian-backed Houthis and the government, covering the exchange of prisoners, the ceasefire in Hodeidah, and the ports and situation in Taiz.

After the agreement reached in Stockholm, the opposing sides repeatedly negotiated the exchange of prisoners. The largest exchange took place in October 2020. As part of this initiative, a total of 1,056 prisoners or captives were released, 15 of whom were Saudi Arabians and four from Sudan.

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