The chef delivered the food wonderfully to the person standing across the...

The chef delivered the food wonderfully to the person standing across the road, people were blown away after watching the video

Social media users are very fond of this video.

New Delhi:

Even if you go to any corner of the world, but there is great food available in the streets. To taste this street food, people keep going to the place of their choice with their friends. But the people who make this tasty food are also not less skilled. You must have often seen that those serving street food are different from the rest because everyone is stunned to see the way in which they serve food to the people.

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Now a video of a very amazing street vendor is becoming very viral on social media. In this video, a man can be seen cooking green beans on the gas on one side of the road. At the same time, a young man is standing with utensils across the road. Vehicles are also passing through this place. Meanwhile, the chef turns off the gas and lifts the pan. The chef throws the beans in the air with such force that they fall straight into the pot of a young man standing across the road.

Watch the video here-

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Seeing this wonderful sight, people’s senses were blown away. Some people liked the chef’s way of serving food so much that they became his fan. After watching this clip, some people are not able to believe their eyes. At the same time, some jokingly wrote that if the food remains in the air for a long time, then the risk of corona will increase. Along with this, another person wrote – It seems to be a case of Cambodia. While another user wrote that this is a wonderful sight.