IndiaThe canvas of war has become too big

The canvas of war has become too big

Harsh V. Pant

The international landscape is changing rapidly. Especially if we talk about the Indo-Pacific region, there is a lot of commotion here. Everyone is seeing the aggressive attitude of China, as well as western countries are also increasing their presence here. Here Australia, India and Japan are changing their strategy. In view of this, the framework of international security is also undergoing rapid changes. In the conventional arms race, internal politics are closely related to international politics.

era of new cold war

Today China has created a cold war-like situation with its aggressive attitude. There is a stir over what is happening in Taiwan. In view of this, almost all the countries are paying a lot of attention to defense technology and weapons. If we look at the Ocas deal itself, Australia has just dealt with a nuclear-capable submarine. India has also tried to make a lot of defense purchases. As a result, we are seeing that weapons technology has become a major issue in international politics and in bipolar partnership.

In this, India is entering into agreements with Japan, Russia, America and France. India’s army would also like that it has new technology. Given the kind of actions China or Pakistan do, and the way the armies are face to face on the borders of these two countries, it is natural for India to focus on defense technology. India will take its policy towards that, where it can make defense technology itself and buy it from others.

Cyber Attack

But when it comes to long-distance engagement, today technology has reached such a level, when we cannot see things from the old scope. The kind of confrontation that is being projected is not like a traditional confrontation where two armies are standing face to face and targeting each other. Now the battle field has changed. The economy that exists now is also a war zone. There is a focus not only on traditional defense technology, but also on non-traditional measures like cyber technology and building bases in place.

India ranks second in Asia in cyber attacks, most attacks on this industry

Talking about the base, China has built its ports in many places around India. With this he can control India also, on the other hand he can also increase his power. Similarly, India is also making its own ports. There is talk of Mauritius and other islands from where India can respond appropriately. Similarly, America is trying to keep an eye even after leaving Afghanistan. Satellites are there, but they also need land. Talking about the drone itself, the attack area of ​​the drone is limited. America may operate a drone sitting in its command center, but a base is needed to fly the drone. Similarly, Pakistan is using a lot of drones on the Indo-Pak border, so the challenge before India is how to stop them. In such a situation, traditional things do not work as much.

The political restrictions on war coupled with the development of technology show that the time of the Cold War is no more. Today, if America and China are going towards a cold war, then it will be such a war in which both the countries will not only be each other’s trading partners, but also will not want to harm the economy of both. In such a situation, how should you fight this war so that you can cause limited harm to each other, it is being thought of.

One angle of this is military activities and the other is the new way of China and Russia. Both of them are now doing cyber attacks. In this, no one can even point a finger at them because there is no quick evidence in this. Even if they meet, the next says that he has no role in this because anyone can use the internet. Russia and China are taking great advantage of this. They are attacking the open democratic societies of Europe, America, India and Western countries. China’s cyber attack was discussed behind the Mumbai power failure in India too. To prevent or reduce it, we can show that we also have the ability to cyber attack and we can attack.

Big cyber attack on America’s nuclear arsenal, hackers blew up many important documents

A major challenge for democracy is that democratic countries are open. Whereas China and Russia are controlled by the governments there. These people can run rumour-mongering campaigns on social media in democratic countries. These actions of China and Russia are creating a war-like situation. First, the war fought only with weapons was to be avoided, then if good weapons were brought from the weapons of others, then the possibility of war would have been reduced. But now this canvas has grown because now only bombs or guns are not to be avoided.

changing intellectual structure

Similarly, other countries also harm the enemy country by using different techniques. Whether they target its vital infrastructure, or the currency and the economy, all these conflicts lead to war-like situations. In this you have to think about how you will react, what will be your policy. The traditional approach is changing, technology is changing, and now the national security environment has changed too. Now we are going to change the whole intellectual structure of how we understand the techniques of these new wars and how to solve them.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are those of the author.

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