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‘The building is rotten’ defense from the workers who repaired the collapsed building in Malatya

One of the workers, Mehmet G. (34) who was arrested by the Malatya 3rd Criminal Court of Peace for the crime of “injuring more than one person by negligence”, stated in his defense at the court that they did the ceiling work at the workplace called Hikmet Tavukçuluk, where the incident took place, and that they went to the workplace for the first time the day before the incident. .

Mehmet G said, “When we started working, we informed the owner of the business, ‘Hikmet, this building is rotten, it does not hold nails, dowels.’ There was a collapse near the end. I was caught in the rubble too. I have no fault in the incident that occurred, I do not accept the accusation.” said.

Imprisoned worker Zeki C. (33) also said that they did the ceiling renovation work at the workplace and that they had completed most of the work.

Zeki C said, “While I was in the building where the collapse occurred yesterday, I informed the other suspect Hikmet D, ‘This building is rotten, this building is rotten. He said. When I went to the workplace for repairs, the load-bearing wall was in a collapsed state. It was supported by an iron profile. As far as I know, this building is a masonry building as I am engaged in construction work. This building was not demolished due to the renovation I made. I do not accept the accusation against me.” used the expressions.

A collapse occurred in the building, which has workplaces under it, on İnönü Street, in the central Yeşilyurt district, and 13 people were rescued from the wreckage. Three of the four suspects detained in the investigation launched into the collapse of the building were arrested.

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