IndiaThe bride with her mother's picture on her chest; Shattered father;...

The bride with her mother’s picture on her chest; Shattered father; Eye-popping video


  • The bride with her mother’s picture on her chest
  • Tearful video
  • Relatives shed tears

Isn’t the absence of one of the dearest parents on the wedding day painful? The scenes of a Pakistani bride holding a picture of her mother close to her chest and entering the wedding hall are tear-jerking. The bride holds the image of her mother who died years ago close to her heart.

Scenes of the bride in a red wedding dress holding her father’s hands and walking towards the wedding venue have gone viral on social media. The bride walks into the wedding hall with her eyes full.

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Maha Wajahat Khan, a photographer, shared the tear-jerking 57-second footage on Instagram. Sharing the video, the photographer noted that the mother is dedicated to all the girls who have died.

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The video also shows relatives shedding tears for the bride’s mother at the wedding. There are also tearful women of the bride in the scenes. The video ends with him hugging his broken father and saying goodbye.

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