IndiaThe bride ran away with her friend after the wedding; Navavaran...

The bride ran away with her friend after the wedding; Navavaran hospitalized, woman and friend arrested

Addition: The newlyweds who ran away with their friend on the eve of their wedding were caught from Madurai. The 23-year-old woman, who was married on October 24, entered the house with gold jewelery and cash. The girl and her friend were taken into custody by the Cherrapunji police.

Departed the day after the wedding

The woman was married to a young man from Chavakkad. The young woman was leaving the next day after spending the wedding day in her own home. The woman, who arrived at the bank in the morning with her husband, was going there with a friend who was waiting on a scooter. The woman also took her husband’s phone. The woman went to the bank saying she would be back soon. Arriving in Thrissur, the two parked their scooters at the railway station and took a taxi through the city. Meanwhile, a taxi driver booked two tickets for the train to Chennai.

Went to Madurai and took room

After going to a clothing store in the area to buy clothes, the two got into a taxi from here and reached Kottayam in another taxi. The two boarded the train from Kottayam and reached Chennai. There are reports that they reached Chennai by bus. Later he booked a room in a lodge in Madurai and stayed for two days. They left the lodge without paying and reached Palakkad by train. They reached Palakkad and reached Thrissur by taxi at night. He took the scooter parked at the railway station and took it to the Ernakulam railway station.

The reason for the arrest was a phone call

Meanwhile, a lodge call was made by the lodge authorities in Madurai after the women drowned without paying. They contacted the mobile phone number on the driving license, which was the identification document provided to book a room at the lodge. Called the number on the bride’s friend’s driver’s license. After receiving a phone message, the girl’s father informed the police and the police reached the lodge and arrested the girl. The lodge authorities contacted the number on the driving license as it was felt that the girls would not return.

The newlyweds were admitted to the hospital

The bride’s friend divorced her husband sixteen days after the marriage. They are government employees. She said she left the country to live independently and got married to get money and gold. Eleven and a half power gold was recovered from them. The newlyweds, who were hospitalized following a heart attack, survived the accident. The husband, who was waiting near the bank till 5 pm on the day of his wife’s disappearance, had lodged a complaint with the Cherp police. The husband, who died of chest pain after his wife went missing, is at rest after angioplasty. The girls were produced in court and released with relatives.